Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Walgreen's Shopping Trip = Big Savings!

Before coupons=$97.72
After coupons=$3.61

Wow! I had fun today! Can you believe I paid just $3.61 out-of-pocket for everything in the picture?  I have to admit when I saw the cash register total before I handed over my coupons, I got a little nervous. I mean, it was almost a hundred bucks! But then the beeps began and (whew) it was only $3.61 when the cashier was finished with all my coupons! And when she handed me the receipt, a coupon for $1.50/1 PediaCare catalina coupon printed with it! (more FREE Pediacare!) Before you think I'm hoarding PediaCare, I actually was buying some for family and friends as well as myself.  And before you think I cleared the shelves, I have to let you know there was still plenty of PediaCare left when I was through.  I try to be considerate of other customers and not be greedy and take everything.  Afterall, I want others to be able to grab this same great deal! 

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Anonymous said...

You should go into business for yourself and others as a "Personal Shopper". The money you can save others is amazing! Jana