Couponing Tips

This is just a quick note with some of the strategies I use for couponing. Hope it's helpful.

*Know your prices.  Sometimes a sale really isn't a sale. Example:  Extreme razors were buy one get one 50% off the regular price of $8 each, while at Dollar General the regular price was $4.50. So if you had a $4 coupon, DG would be the better deal.

*Always carry a calculator.

*Check smaller packages prices. This is where you can get a lot free.  Example:  $1.50 off Crunch & Clean Cat Food coupon, the small bag of treats was only $1.49 so I got it Free.  As long as the coupon doesn't specify a size, I always check the smaller packages.

*If coupon doesn't specify a certain type of a certain brand, check for the cheapest product.  Example:  B1G1 Free any Bic disposable razor coupon. The coupon has a picture of the expensive disposables but the coupon works for the cheap 12 pk of disposable razors as well.

*Read the coupon - the picture on the coupon doesn't necessarily mean that's all you can get. Some coupons may have one product pictured but the coupon will allow for other products. Example:  Mars candy coupons may have milky way pictured but are valid for any mars products.

*The best deals are when you can combine a sale with a coupon. Don't be tempted to buy something just because you have a coupon. Wait until it's a really good deal if you can.

*Keep sale ads for "match competitor" deals.  Example:  Roziers doesn't accept internet printed coupons. So if they have something on sale in their ad that I have a coupon for, I'll take it to Wal-Mart for a price match so I can use my coupon.

*Only buy what you need - UNLESS you can get it for FREE!!! If you won't use it - donate it!

*ALWAYS check for cleareance items.  I found Crest on clearance at Walgreens for .79 and I had a $1 off coupon = FREE!  I've also gotten lots of make-up free that was on clearance and I had coupons. I've also gotten batteries free at WM on clearance and tons of other stuff.

*Forget name brand loyalty.  With couponing it's all about getting the best deal. Of course, it's a bonus if you get a great deal on your favorite brand.

*I look for coupons everywhere.  Sunday papers (I prefer the STL Post), local paper, All You magazine, other magazines, on products, tear-pads in the store, Parade magazine, store in ad coupons, printed internet coupons from coupon sites, manufacturer sites and facebook.

*At Walgreens and Target you can use a manufacturer coupon along with their store coupon on the same item. Example: I got light bulbs free that were priced $2.44 by using a Target $1.50 coupon and a manufacturer $1 coupon.

*At Walgreens, you have to have the same number of items purchased as the number of coupons you are using. With the exception of in ad coupons, they don't count as a coupon but Register Rewards do.

*If you have a certain item that you need but don't have a coupon, search for one. I've emailed and called companies asking for coupons.

*Sign up for free samples.  Usually, the company will send coupons along with the sample.

*Be organized and always carry your coupons with you.

*Wal-Mart allows "overage" to be paid for coupons that are of a higher value than item purchased. Example: Gain $1.87, use $3 coupon, get $2.26 back in change or taken off entire total.