Monday, July 30, 2012

Tub/Shower Cleaner - Homemade & Natural!


So, have you heard about the Dawn/vinegar mixture that everybody's talking about to clean your tub and shower?  Apparently, the mixture is supposed to really clean the gunk off of your tubs.  Well, I didn't want to spend the money on Dawn and I got to thinking.........why not try my homemade dishwashing liquid instead of using Dawn?!   I reached for my trusty vinegar and filled a spray bottle to the half and then grabbed my Homemade Dishwashing Liquid to fill the bottle the rest of the way. 

Luckily, I knew someone who had a particularly dirty tub (no names will be mentioned!).  I sprayed the solution on the tub and waited just a few minutes, then wiped away the gunk!  Amazing!  No scrubbing, no bleach, no icky chemicals!  I was so excited I cleaned every bathroom!  The showers had some very stubborn hard water stains that came clean and even the glass shower doors were left sparkling!

Instructions to make you very own Homemade & Natural Tub/Shower Cleaner:

Next fill a spray bottle to the half with white distilled vinegar.
Then finish filled the spray bottle with homemade dishwashing liquid.

To use, just spray on tub or shower, wait a few minutes, wipe clean!



WOW! See the difference!!!       

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