Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Try This Again!

Surprise!  Yes, I'm back!  After a long (and much needed) break in posting, I've decided to resume regular posting to Deb's Delights.  I have to admit I've missed blogging! A lot of things of have changed in my life in the past several months, but my passion for saving money and sharing how to is not one of those changes! 

Probably the biggest change in my life is a new little business venture called "Grandma Bea's".  I started marketing the all-natural products that I enjoy making for my family.  I'm happy to say that business is good, time-consuming, but good.  Because of the time I'm devoting to "Grandma Bea's", I've also made another big change, I resigned from my full-time nursing job!  Yes, I'm now a SAHM! This is a huge adjustment for our family. Our household income is now almost cut in half. But no worries here!  Because of our frugal ways, we are doing just fine.  Actually, this situation has made me even more determined to find ways to save money! 

I'm looking forward to reviving this little blog and can't wait to see what other changes are in store! Follow along as our family embarks on this new journey!

Delightfully yours,

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