Monday, March 28, 2011

Homemade Reusable Grocery Bag!

Got some extra pillowcases laying around? How about a sewing machine? Yes? Then you can make this reusable grocery bag in just 5 easy steps!  Head over to "The Sewing Dork" for step by step instructions.  Please try not to laugh when you compare my homemade bag to the adorable "totes" that "The Sewing Dork" has pictured! Mine looks kinda pitiful up against hers, but hey, it serves the purpose!

Here's what you need:

a pillowcase
scraps of material for straps (about 48 inches per strap)
approximately 44 inches of double fold bias tape
a pocket (optional)

Lucky for me, my Mother is an excellent seamstress and has bunches of material and sewing supplies at her house. And even luckier for me, she doesn't mind sharing!  She made a nice little goody bag full of sewing stuff for me (including the pillowcase)!  Thanks Mom!

(This post has been linked to the Homestead Barnhop at "New Life on a Homestead")

Gathering My Birthing & Postpartum Supplies


Mrs Adept said...

I love the idea of making a little tote bag or two. :o)

Thanks for the link. Most appreciated. :o)

Carolyn said...

Love them. I am making bags like these for everyone on my Christmas list this year!

I am on the barn hop from Homestead Revival. Stop by MY BLOG when you get a chance...... I am having a giveaway!!

Deb said...

Mrs. Adept,

You're very welcome! Let me just say thanks to you for visiting! What an adorable little princess in the pink hat on your profile pic!

Delightfully yours,

Deb said...


I'm heading over to your blog now! Thanks for dropping by and enjoy making the bags!

Delightfully yours,