Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thrift Store Success!!!

Gotta love thrift stores! And here's why - 11 pieces of clothing, 5 outfits, for only $18!!!

These two dresses were $4.50 each.  The sweater and skirt were just a $1 each.


Everything else was just a buck a piece!  Can you believe it?!

I was so excited to get pieces that I could wear as outfits. It's so frustrating to find a great skirt but then never find a top to match.

The black sweater pictured here goes perfectly with a skirt purchased last fall from a thrift store.

This green sweater will match a pair of slacks already in the closet. And the khaki skirt - well, it goes with anything!

There are many types of thrift stores nowadays.  I visited four different thrift stores this week and was happy to purchase great items for great prices at each store.  The first one was a Goodwill located in Farmington, Missouri.  It was a nice, clean store. But I have to say, they had the highest prices (if you can call $4.50 for a dress high!).  Second, was another Goodwill located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Also in Cape was my favorite, a thrift store operated by "Teen Challenge" volunteers.  Best prices, best selection, clean, and easy to get to.  The last store I went to was in my hometown of Perryville, Missouri.  A nice little store operated by a local church. 

Here's a few tips for successful thrift store shopping:

*Get into that fitting room!  Sometimes clothes look a lot better (or worse) once they're on you.

*Don't just look at the "size" tag.  Every brand sizes clothes differently. (I usually wear a size 6, but today I bought a plus size skirt that fits perfect - of course, I will cut the tag out!)

*Allow plenty of time to go through the racks of clothes. (don't decide to go thrift shopping if you have milk in the car -  I now have cottage cheese in a jug).

* Be careful not to buy something just because it's cheap. If you spend a buck on a glitter mini-skirt and never wear it, it's not a bargain.

All of this thrifting has led to one big problem - I want to go again tomorrow!

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Janet said...

Lots of great finds and tips. I love thrift stores.

Deb said...

Thanks for visiting! I've been enjoying "Frugal and Focused" this evening!

Delightfully yours,

Michelle said...

I admire you so much! I'm working on getting better at using the local good will's and thrift stores! Its the digging through alllll those clothes! LOL
I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll come by and see my place too:)
Faith on Fire

Deb said...

Sometimes all the clothes can be overwhelming! Thanks for visiting my site. I was just over at "Faith on Fire". I'll be praying that your foot heals quickly!

Delightfully yours,