Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Lip Balm!

This was so easy to make and works wonderfully!  I actually like it better than any "store-bought" lip balm that I've ever used.  The recipe I came up with is simple and quick.  I made the lip balm pictured above in about 2 minutes!  Just follow the instructions below to start making your very own homemade lip balm! And if you're one of those folks that can't find the time to make your own but would still prefer an "all-natural" lip balm - just order some HERE!  My favorite is the Tea Tree which is great for preventing and healinag fever blisters and cold sores.

2 1/2 tsp. some type of oil (coconut, olive, castor, jojoba, or sweet almond)
(I used half coconut oil and half sweet almond oil)
1 tsp beeswax
couple drops essential oil (I used lemon to help preserve)

Pour the oil and beeswax in glass measuring cup and heat in microwave until melted. Stir to mix.
After this cools, add essential oil.
Pour into container of your choice.

I used a container that previously had cuticle cream in it.  You can also use different types of flavoring, like vanilla or spearmint.  I'm thinking I'll try some spearmint in my next batch. 

Give this recipe a try and then share your creative variations with the rest of us!

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