Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Natural Beauty and Home Products! Now Available to You!

Have you ever read the ingredients in the lotions and soaps that you purchase at the store?  Have you ever researched any of the "scientific-sounding" ingredients?  Scary.  Several of the things used to make these beauty products has been linked to causing cancer and other devastating diseases. So what can you do, I mean you have to use deodorant, right? (well, I guess you don't have to)  I came up with a solution for myself and my family - make my own all-natural products. 

I enjoy making and using all-natural products in my home and as part of my "beauty" routine. I love the fact that I know exactly what's in the stuff I'm using and that it's totally safe to use. Maybe you would like to use all-natural products but just don't have the time to make them yourself. Well, I can help! 

Deb's Delights is now offering a variety of all-natural beauty and home products for you to purchase.  Browse the "online catalog" to see just what's available.  When you decide which items you would like, just add to your cart and payment is made through Paypal (you do NOT have to have a Paypal account to utilize this service).  For those of you who happen to live in my area, just give me a call or send a message to place an order and we can work out the delivery to avoid the shipping charges. 

I'm so excited about this new adventure and look forward to sharing some homemade goodness with you guys!  I'll be adding to the inventory selection frequently so be sure to check back often. This week I'm working on putting together some gift sets for the holidays. 

Just click HERE to visit the  "virtual" Deb's Delight Store!

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