Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Financially Overwhelmed?

It's the week after Christmas. Decorations are put away. Families and friends have gone home. The anticipation of opening the gifts has been realized. There's a ping of sadness because it's all over.  For some, it's not just that the festivities are over that leaves them feeling sad. It's the fact that credit card bills will be arriving in the mail instead of Christmas cards. And don't forget about the taxes that are due in two days. (ugh!)

I know the feeling. That sick, overwhelming feeling. The one that leaves you feeling hopeless and scared. Well, believe me, you can rise above that feeling and that lifestyle.  You may think that your situation is beyond help. I can assure you there most definitely is hope for your situation!  I urge you to make some changes in your life so you won't have to feel "sick and tired" about the money situation anymore!

In the coming weeks, I would like to share a bit about our journey to become debt-free. Yes, that's right, I said debt-free. I bet you're thinking, "not us, we are in waaay over our heads".  Well, guess what?  You CAN take control of your finances and become debt-free! Will it happen overnight? No. It takes time and hard work. But, so worth it!  And did I mention it takes time and hard work?!

Okay, if the thought of becoming debt-free is just too much to grasp at the moment, then just imagine not dreading answering the phone or getting the mail.  Or being able to pay the bills without having to worry about overdraft protection. Before I started living frugally, my thought was "I work, I can afford to eat out, buy a fountain soda, a magazine, a new outfit,'s not like this like this $1, $5, $10 will make any dent in our bills anyway".  Sound familiar.  Guess what, all that stuff adds up and definitely made a dent in our checking account! My soda habit was costing us at least $2/day or $50/month. Hmmm, $50 would pay the phone bill. I began to realize that every little bit counts. I began to actually think about where our money was disappearing and paying attenion to where it should be going.  Funny thing, wants you start paying attention and budgeting, it's kinda like giving yourself a raise. I've learned quite a bit about ways to stretch a dollar since my adventure in frugal living began a couple years ago and I look forward to sharing some ideas with you.

Well, are you one of those feeling a bit overwhelmed? Ready to get rid of that icky feeling? Then let's work together to take control. Start making a plan. Put your situation in perspective. Don't let life happen to you, you happen to life.

I'm a big (huge!) fan of Dave Ramsey and credit him credit for helping us dig out of a very deep hole. I whole-heartedly recommend Dave Ramsey's books, The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace Revisited.  Visit his website for detailed information on his plan and classes. I'll let Dave handle the planning part and I'll do my best in helping you find ways to save money so that you can take control of your finances.

So, my first frugal tip to get this just that 'get started'! Start paying attention, start taking control and most of all start seeing and feeling hope again!

Delightfully yours,

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