Friday, December 31, 2010

1/1/11 - My List

January 1, 2011. The new year. Fresh start. Clean slate. Blank canvas. Yep, that's what the new year offers. Notice I said "offers". You don't automatically wake up on the first day of the year with a fresh start. Nope, first you have to believe in your heart that this is a brand new year with endless possibilities!

Here it is, midnight, and I am filled with a child-like sense of anticipation and excitement. I am the only one in the house awake and I truthfully cannot stop smiling. Not only because of lack of sleep, but I honestly cannot wait to begin this 2011 journey. Like so many others, I've made a list (well, okay, I've made a list in my head) of all the things I'm going to do, improve on, start, finish, etc.  Oh, but this is the year I actually do those things on my list.  Yeah, I know, I say that every year. Somehow, this year seems to be different.  Maybe it's because the things on my list have changed. 

In years past my list read something like this:
  • exercise everyday (I can hear you laughing)
  • eat healthier everyday
  • stop drinking so much Diet Coke (you're laughing again)
  • keep my house cleaner
  • be nicer to my husband (now he's laughing)
You get the idea. I suppose I've  matured enough (my way of saying I'm older) to realize that the things on the list weren't going to happen just because it was a new year. I had to want them to happen and believe that they could.  And, surprise, I pretty much failed at all of them - my apologies to my hubby :) 

Now, that being said.  My 2011 resolution's list has a new ring to it. I'm going to try to focus on what really matters most in my life as cliche' as it might sound.  So here goes...

My 2011 List:
  • Strengthen my relationship with God
  • Strengthen my relationship with hubby (this doesn't mean just act nicer, but to nurture our marriage)
  • Strengthen my relationship with family (the whole crew)
  • Strengthen myself so that I'm able to accomplish the above
  • Give
I was going to add 'smile more', but there's no need since this smile on my face doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I strongly believe that I will succeed with this year's list!  Notice there are no measurable goals on the list, like 'lose 5 pounds or walk 500 miles'. That way I'm the only one who will know if I fail.  Well, maybe not. Cause I'm fairly certain that if I fail at even one item on the list there will be a ripple effect on the others and everyone will be able to feel it.

Of course, I still have the "normal" things that I would like to do (hence, the old list) but they won't be such a priority.  Besides, the way I see it, if I can excel in the areas on my list - everything else will just fall into place.  I can't wait! I really haven't physically done anything to work on my list yet, but I can assure you I can already feel a difference in my life! Hmmm, could it be that my new attitude has something to do with it? 

Along the way, I'll be posting updates on my progress and let you know how the journey is going. I'll share my stories of triumphs and disappointments. And I hope that you will share yours as well.  Comments are always welcome on this blog and I would enjoy taking a peak into your lives. Sooo, are you ready for a fresh  new start with the New Year?  (this is where you shout YES!)  Me too!

Let's get started with this adventure already! Happy, Happy New Year!!!

Delightfully yours,
Debbie (still smiling!)

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