Monday, April 11, 2011

The Spatula = Ultimate Frugal Tool

The spatula. Funny word. Kinda fun to say. (Especially if said with a Italian accent!) The term spatula is derived from the latin word for a flat piece of wood, makes sense I guess.  Apparently this handy little utensil has been helping out in the kitchen since around 1525!

This past Christmas my mom gave me a set of  Farberware spatulas - and I love them!   My spatulas have sturdy handles and a rubber blades.  The rubber blades are the key to a "clean" scrape. What I really like about these little tools is the fact they can actually save money by eliminating waste.  I'm surprised every time I use them at the amout of food that I can still get out of the pan or dish.  For example, after I finish spooning out chocolate chip cookies from the mixing bowl, I can use the spatula and get another 1 or 2 cookies from the dough left in the bowl.  And spaghetti sauce, I never realized how much I was washing down the drain!  If I use the spatula to scrape the skillet, I can get an extra tablespoon or two!  Just think of the possibilities - peanut butter, relish, cake mix, mayo, jelly, the list goes on an on.

Okay, so I know 1 or 2 cookies doesn't sound like very much. But since I make cookies every week just salvaging 1 extra per week makes 4 1/2 dozen a year!  Now that's a lot!  I make at least one dish a week with spaghetti sauce, so if I can get 1 extra tablespoon each time, that's 3 1/4 cups per year!  The little things really do add up.

So the next time you're about to throw out that "empty' mayo jar - ask yourself  if it's reeallly empty. Then grab the spatula and I bet there's enough for another sandwich in there! (oh, and why throw out that jar? I'm sure there's another use for it!)

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